Immediate steps for distribution of land in Ranni ‌: Nattu Visesham

Immediate steps for distribution of land in Ranni

Saturday, July 3, 2021 10:48 PM IST

Ranni: As a matter of urgency to issue swords in the constituency. Pramod Narayan MLA called to take action The decision was taken at a meeting of the new department officials. Obstacles to the Distribution of Charters The MLA convened the meeting for the sake of the party. Complete the process of 30 battalions and distribute them immediately. It was decided at the Cheyenne meeting. Regarding the battalions issued at Vechuchira Ex-Servicemen Colony The opinion of the Colonial Society will be forwarded to the Government.
To deploy a special team to complete the survey procedures. The fire was extinguished. In the Old Wang Ti Motivara, the 12 swords of Anpalappara are in both hands. The village officer said the documents could be found immediately. It was also decided to complete the survey procedures in nine days.‌
Complete Departmental Survey Procedures for Peripherals The MLA had already written to the woman asking her to resign. Create a new section to complete its steps. The fire was extinguished and the fire was extinguished. Ru ma nichu.‌

Certificates for approval by the Union Ministry of Environment He also agreed to request the government to take action The fire was extinguished.
Disputes between forest and new groups regarding the sword. Decision to be taken by a joint meeting of the Union Ministers Action will be taken. The survey was conducted to address the shortage of members. Government to expand survey teams to include people That ‘s it. DFOU’s NOC Purchase for Swords in the South Tank Action will be taken.‌
Ranni Tahasil Darna Veen Babu Malla Palli Tahasil Dar M.T. James, L. Arthur Hazil Darmara Aji Kumar, Roy Thomas, De. Darma Raiya V.S. in Putti Tahasi. Rajan, Shibu Thomas, Sunil M. Nair, G .; That ‘s it.