Idukki MP caught in blog; An inquiry has been ordered against Sujith Bhaktan who entered Idamalakkudi without permission

Devikulam DFO has ordered an inquiry against Vlogger for blogging a video of him visiting a protected forest area without permission. DFO PR Suresh directed Munnar Range Officer S Harindrakumar to investigate the incident and submit a report.

Sujith Bhaktan, a vlogger from Pathanamthitta, entered the Munnar Idamalakkudi tribal settlement and videotaped the incident. Sujith will file a case against Bhaktan if he is found to be involved in the incident.

It is explained that Sujith came to Idamalakkudi and filmed the video in connection with the TV distribution program of Idukki MP Dean Kuriakose on Sunday, the day of the lock down. However, it has been alleged that Vlogger was hired to promote the MP’s TV distribution.

Strict restrictions are still in place in Idamalakkudi where Kovid cases have not been reported so far. Except for the people’s representatives, no one can enter Idamalakkudi, the only tribal panchayat in the state, without the permission of the forest department. It is against this backdrop that Sujith Bhaktan came to Idamalakkudi to provide the TV needed for online study.

The villagers had decided to impose a complete ban on people from outside the village in Idamalakkudi. The panchayat president had asked the forest department not to smuggle strangers. Meanwhile, Vlogger visits the place with the MP.

The CPI has come to the scene with a complaint after Sujith Bhaktan shared the footage of him entering the forest on social media. AIYF Devikulam has lodged a complaint with the Sub-Collector and DySP against Dean Kuriakose and Sujith in this regard.

It is alleged that YouTuber went to the forest and filmed scenes of the tribal community for financial gain. The vlogger who came with the MP is said to have portrayed the traditional lifestyles of the adivasis. In the video, Vlogger and his companions are seen without a mask.

Vlogger Sujith was earlier barred from entering the forest for illegally filming a trespasser in the forest. It has been alleged that Vlogger had joined hands with Sujith in the name of providing MP TV with this knowledge.

Last year, the forest department had registered a case against Sujith for shooting video at Neryamangalam range and Puyamkutty range in Ernakulam district. The two jeeps used to shoot the video were taken into custody by the forest department at that time. He was later fined and dropped from the case. But Dean Kuriakose MP has come out with a justification after the controversy. Dean’s response was that he had taken Sujith away and that the current controversy was unnecessary.

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