ICA approval mandatory for Al Ain and Abu Dhabi visas; Many had to return

Abu Dhabi: Many Malayalees have had to return from the UAE due to lack of ICA permission. Holders of Al Ain and Abu Dhabi visas are required to obtain ICA approval at any airport in the UAE. Unaware of this, many people, including Malayalees who arrived in Dubai the other day, were unable to enter Abu Dhabi and had to return.

There are those who have come through other emirates, including Dubai, to overcome the lack of ICA approval. They later used to come to Abu Dhabi by road. As more and more people started arriving, the authorities were conducting a rigorous inspection. The current situation is that Abu Dhabi visa holders will have to return to the UAE via any airport without the ICA green signal. Returning like this will result in loss of ticket amount.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ green signal is mandatory for those working in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to return home as the Kovid standard is strict. For this you need to apply on uaeentry.ica.gov.ae website or ICA UAE app.