“I want to know how the leak happened”

`` Who tapped on the phone, why?  '': Amit Shah after Mukul Roy called Leak Row

AMit Shah said it was nothing secret that two BJP leaders were talking about during a phone call.

New Delhi:

Union Home Secretary Amit Shah said today he would like to know how an alleged recording of a phone call involving BJP chief Mukul Roy came to light yesterday. The conversation implied that he could influence the Election Commission amid the ongoing polls in West Bengal. Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, Shah also expressed confidence in the BJP’s outstanding performance in the first round of the polls which ended yesterday.

“Two BJP leaders were discussing the transfer requests (of officers) by phone. These requests were put in writing. There is nothing secret about this. The question that needs to be raised is who has bugged the phone. ” Said Mr. Shah.

The alleged telephone conversation between Mr Roy and Shishir Bijoria of the BJP was published yesterday by Trinamool, potentially damaging the opposition party and undermining the non-partisan position of the Election Commission. Mr. Roy was allegedly heard asking Mr. Bijoria to include a list of points to be raised with the voting committee, a specific request concerning polling agents or stand agents of political parties.

Mr Roy then apparently said that the polling station should be asked to place administrative orders allowing any voter anywhere in Bengal to be stand agents at any stand in the state, and that if that was not done, the BJP will not be able to do it. field agents in many booths.

Mr Shah said today that the BJP would win 26 of the 30 seats polled in Bengal yesterday, while for Assam he fixed it at 37 out of 47.

He praised the Election Commission for successfully organizing peaceful polls in West Bengal after years. “It was after years that the ballot was completed with no one dying, no bomb blast, or re-polling … the BJP will form a government in West Bengal with over 200 seats,” Shah said.

The first phase of the West Bengal Assembly elections saw an estimated turnout of 79.79%.

The remaining seven phases of the 294-member Assembly will be held on different dates, with the last round of voting scheduled for April 29. The counting of the votes will take place on May 2.