“ I want to fly ”, Rahul Gandhi takes 9-year-old to his dream

Childhood often has innocent dreams. Dreams that are quite synonymous with what children often have in their homes or at school. Well, during an election campaign for the Congress-led United Democratic Front in Kerala, Congressman Rahul Gandhi learned about a child’s dream and actually took it for a ride!
In a viral video shared on Rahul Gandhi’s Instagram page, Gandhi randomly chats with 9-year-old Advait Sumesh at a tea stand in Keezhurkunnu, Kannur district. Gandhi strikes up a conversation with Advait who casually sips his refreshment. When asked what he aspires to become in life, the little boy says, “I want to fly. My dream is to become a pilot ”. Gandhi seems quite intrigued by Advait’s answer.
In the next shot of the video, Gandhi takes Advait on his charter plane and the child is impressed. According to sources, Gandhi himself made arrangements for the child and his father to come to Callicut airport. “No dream is too big. We have taken the first step to realize Advait’s dream. It is now our duty to create a company and a structure which will give it every chance to fly,” wrote Rahul Gandhi in the caption He shows the console to the child and Advait asks intriguing questions about how the plane flies.
With over 1.5 lakh views, the video has gone viral and many users are in awe of Rahul Gandhi’s humility and composure in the face of a child.
Watch the video here: