‘I signed her death sentence, the notice came in the evening’, God about his wife’s last moments


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Actor Devan’s post about his wife’s death is discussed. God has written about his wife’s last moment. No matter how much money or influence we have, we are all equal and helpless when it comes to pain. “There are many good people among you, but there are some who are not good ones,” God wrote in a note on Doctor’s Day.

Note written by Devan on Doctor’s Day

Today is Doctor’s Day and my congratulations to all the doctors in the world on this day.

The first doctor I remember was Dr. Diphtheria, who at the age of six treated me to a very deadly disease called diphtheria. Sunny is. Some moments when a doctor becomes God. Then the moments when a doctor becomes God in front of me, my son-in-law (Chechide’s husband) Dr. With Rabindranath. The most accomplished doctor I have ever seen in my life. A medical magician. A doctor with unparalleled ability and mind. But at the age of 42, God took the bridegroom away.

Have you seen God?

Yes, we can point to a doctor and a nurse. So we remember July 1st as the day of those good men like God. Human beings will never forget their service .. Greetings and respect to those good men on this day. I feel like I have to tell you the story of a grief that came to my mind after writing this. The time before Covid is July 2019.

We are anxiously waiting outside the CCU at a private multi-specialty hospital in Kochi. Me, Chechi, Ravichettan, Babu, Livy, Lathika, Lachu, Sunil. From time to time I look in through the hole in the glass door. She is lying with medical tubes fixed on her face and body. My Zuma. She ate ice cream which the doctor told her not to eat. The doctor said, ‘Let’s see today and discharge tomorrow.’ She laughed, and so did we.

The next morning she stopped breathing. Transferred back to CCU. The doctor asked, ‘Did Zuma go to a crowded place the other day?’ I said no. How can she not go out. Then the doctor said ‘H1 N1’ is a virus infection, let’s see. I’m sure she’s not out. Then there will be such an infection ?. Big question? The main reason for writing this is this question.

I called my friends, the doctors. They also confirmed H1N1 infection. After a couple of days I realized. That the infection is not from the outside, but from the inside. From the CCU.
So 30 days was a war. She was transferred from the ventilator to a terror machine called the Ecmo. Only five per cent hoped but the doctors did as they were told. When the sedationte dose is low, call closer to see if the call is heard
Said. I called her mole, mole, mole from all around. Chechi and Livi called Sume, Sume and Lachu called Amme Amme non-stop for hours. Everyone was watching the tears well up. To call everyone. She is trying to open her half-closed eyes. She can’t .. I looked back. I saw the nurses opening their eyes to see this scene. I understood the meaning of their facial expressions. That she would never call again.

On the fourteenth day of starting to use Ecmo. The doctors called me in the conference room and asked … “Are you prepared Devan?” He answered immediately. Yes Doctor .. I am

‘There is nothing more we can do. Stopped all medicine. Next life support should be removed. That is for you to decide. ‘
I went straight to the Tharavad temple in Chetuva. I lit all the lamps and prayed from the path of the Goddess in all my splendor. Then I see the face of my Zuma who is trying to open his eyes unable to hear our call with unbearable pain. ‘Enough, mother, enough, no more pain for her. Give her back, I dedicate her to these satisfiers’ This was my prayer. By noon I was in front of the doctors. I signed her death sentence. The announcement came in the evening. That it was all over. Most people who read this, like me, have probably had this experience because I’ll write about my experience in so much detail. No matter how much money or influence we have, we are all equal and helpless when it comes to pain.

On this auspicious day, there is a greeting with the doctors. Never take advantage of our helplessness and ignorance. Most of you are good. But there are those who are not good. This request is to them. Patients who can be treated should not be abandoned for lack of money. Likewise, if you find that treatment is not safe, you should allow them to die.

Now an appeal to the management of the multi-specialty hospital. You need to modify your ICU and CCU. Instead of putting a plastic curtain in a spacious hall and placing very critical patients, each patient should be converted back into an air tight compartment so that the infection of one patient does not spread to other patients. Good senior doctors think it can be implemented. In this Covid era, my heart goes out to all our doctors who have taken so much risk and even pledged their own lives to serve.
Full greetings.
Devan Srinivasan

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