I have no role in this drama, leave me alone- Ahana Krishna

PrActress Ahana Krishna reacts to the controversy surrounding the movie Bhramam starring Thviraj. Krishnakumar, the actor’s father and actor, had alleged that his absence was due to his BJP affiliation. The producers made it clear that this was not true and that Ahana was changed because she was not suitable for the role. It was then that the actress came on the scene with a reaction. Ahana said that she has no role in this issue and is a big fan of Prithviraj. The actress’ response was via Instagram.

The words of Ahana

Some of you may have heard unwanted news about me. I have only one thing to say. Leave me alone. I do not blame anyone. Those who spoke were related to me. But that is someone else’s opinion. That’s what another person said. I have no role in this drama.

I am currently in Pondicherry. If my face sees news then please ignore it. One thing for everyone’s attention. I am a big Prithviraj fan. It will be so. Therefore, if you see any kind of news, do not spread it. I get angry when I see all the unnecessary news on my face. At times it is so. Our name will be dragged into things we do nothing about. It’s hard to drag our name into someone else’s work. I have never blamed anyone.

I really want to act with Prithviraj. It is very sad to hear such news with the name of the actor we like a lot. Those who come to call this teri must first look straight ahead, whether it is left or right. Then you need to call Teri.

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