‘I fully understood Messi and Ronaldo’ – Higuain reveals secret of partnership with elite duo

No footballer has appeared alongside the deadly pair more often than the former ace of Juventus and Argentina

No striker in the world has played more games alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo than Inter Miami’s Gonzalo Higuain, a distinction he gives for understanding how the record-breaking duo play the game and no little sacrifice.

The Argentine played alongside Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Juventus before moving to MLS in 2020, when he was Messi’s teammate for nearly a decade in international colors, a spell that lasted for three World Cup campaigns in 2010, 2014 and 2018.

And while Higuain hasn’t always received credit for his brilliant career, he believes he was the perfect foil for the two superstars.

What was said?

Higuain is one of 13 players to line up alongside the two megastars, and no one has played more games with the pair than the former sharpshooter of Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus and Milan.

“If I am the footballer who has played the two the most, then I am the one who understood them the best,” he told the Nacion.

“Understanding Cristiano and Messi … it’s not their problem, it’s up to you. If I played with them the most, it’s because I understand them both perfectly. I knew what was going on. they liked, what they didn’t like, how they felt most comfortable and most uncomfortable.

“I think what they liked about me was that I … how can I say it without sounding brag … that I didn’t try to fight for 100% of the game with them So they felt they could also depend on me.

“When they have a player on their side who is 100% dependent on them, they don’t feel free from all responsibility. But with me, I think they felt they could count on me. It’s two. totally different players and I had the privilege of enjoying and learning from both. “

Post-Brazilian woes

Despite his impeccable goal record at club and international level, Higuain is also remembered for the chances he did not convert with Argentina – notably, a golden opportunity in the Cup final. World Cup 2014 which he dismissed and a costly shootout missed the following year as the Albiceleste lost to Chile in the Copa America.

“Until 2014, I was the best No. 9 in the world, and after Germany it was over,” he admitted.

“Before that, I had scored nine goals in qualifying, which nobody talks about, because let’s not forget that you have to score in qualifying to get to the World Cup.

“Now that I’m over I’m past the criticism, the harassment, they can say whatever they want. Before it hurts, I won’t deny it, it wouldn’t be honest, I suffered and I ‘ve had bad times.

“But let’s say that since the arrival of my daughter, who is three years old, she has started to change her perspective. With her, I began to understand that there are more important things in my life than asking myself “what are they going to say?”

“I’m at a point in my life where I don’t care, I’m beyond what they could say. Now it doesn’t affect me anymore.”

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