I feel like a heart attack; Shortly before his death, Raj told the temple

Bollywood is shocked by the unexpected demise of director Raj Kaushal (49). Raj Kaushil, husband of actress and model Mandira Bedi, has died following a heart attack. A friend of the couple reveals that just moments before he died, he told Raj Mandir that he felt like he had a heart attack.

Music director Sulaiman Merchant told The Times. “Raj told Mandir that he felt like he was having a heart attack. Veg himself informed Mandir’s friend and actor Ashish Chaudhary. But within five to ten minutes, they realized that Raj had no pulse. It was too late to go to the doctor. ” Solomon clarifies.

Suleiman says Raj suffered a heart attack once when he was 30 or 32 years old and has been paying close attention to his health ever since.

Raj Kaushal died on Wednesday morning. His last rites were performed at Shivaji Park Cemetery.

Raj, who came to cinema as an actor, has directed three films. Pyaar Main Kabhi Kabhi, Shaadi Ka Laddu and Anthony Kon Hai are some of the films he has directed. Raj, who started his own advertising company in ’98, has directed more than 800 commercials.

The Mandira-Raj couple have two children, Veer and Tara.

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