I don’t know about what Sudhakaran said: Mambaram Divakaran | Kerala | Deshabhimani

Kannur> M Divaram says he does not know what K Sudhakaran says happened at Brennan College. Mambaram Divakaran was responding to Sudhakaran’s remark that Pinarayi had trampled Vijayan in college.

Sudhakaran and I studied together in Brennan in 1971. Pinarayi Vijayan was our senior. There were two factions in the then Congress. I was with the Indira Congress. Sudhakaran is also in the organizing congress’. Divakaran said.

It is not right for K Sudhakaran to provoke by replying. Sudhakaran’s remarks against Pinarayi will not benefit the party. Divakaran said it was not right to provoke with harsh words and that the KPCC president should take the path of reconciliation.

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