I am the goat of the family and joined IS because I did not like my mother; Shamima Begum explains why she joined Islamic State

London: Shamima Begum, who came to Syria from London and joined the Islamic State, has said that she joined the Islamic State due to incompatibility with her mother. Shamima justifies joining IS in the documentary ‘The Return: Life After ISIS’ which was screened in the US.

Life with his mother, whom he did not love, was difficult and this is what prompted him to join the Islamic extremist group. Shamima describes herself as the ‘black goat’ of the family.

“I started watching videos of the bombings in Syria, which made me feel ‘guilty’ and wanted to defend the Muslims,” ​​Shamima said.

‘It disturbed me to see that such attacks were taking place in the world and that no one was doing any of these. “I have always wanted to be a part of a Muslim community,” she said.

As his friends began to learn more about Islam, he too wanted to be a part of it. And wanted to come to Syria and help the Syrians, Shamima said in a 90-minute documentary.

Begum, a British national, left the country in 2015 with two friends to join IS. Shamima had sought permission to return to the UK due to security concerns after giving birth, but UK Home Secretary Sajid Javed had ordered her citizenship revoked.