How to Secure Your Android Device with PureVPN

Android as an operating system is quite secure, but like any device, it is easy to fall victim to online tricks. Virtual private networks, VPNs, are a simple solution to many threats you may face online, and PureVPN makes it easy to secure your Android device at an affordable cost. Here’s how.

What does PureVPN do?

A virtual private network is designed to encrypt and hide online activity whether you are on a home network or in public. It protects your online connection, data and privacy.

You can download PureVPN on different devices to enable one-click protection and privacy on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Google Chrome, etc.

One of the biggest benefits you’ll get with PureVPN is security. When connected through PureVPN, your Android device is automatically connected with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. This is especially useful on portable Android devices, such as your smartphone, as a VPN will protect your device from others on a public WiFi network, preventing bad actors from gaining access to your passwords or financial data. A VPN also hides your IP address from websites and potential malicious sources, hiding your location at the same time.

PureVPN offers a 7-day trial for a cost of just $ 0.99, and then an annual cost of $ 69.95. If you sign up directly from an Android device, you will also be able to take advantage of a 7-day free trial. However, you can easily save with a 2 year plan costing just $ 79.95. Each plan is backed by a 31-day money-back guarantee.

How to set up PureVPN for Android

To make PureVPN work on your Android smartphone or tablet, you must first download the PureVPN app from Google Play. After that, you can create an account in the app, with your billing details. You can also be billed directly through Google Play, which makes it easier.

The first time you use PureVPN to secure your Android device, you will need to allow PureVPN to create a virtual private network. From there, you can just open the app and tap Connect to secure your connection in seconds.

A unique feature of PureVPN is the ability to optimize your connection for what you do with it. There are options for streaming entertainment, file sharing, and even enhanced security and privacy. Just tap and select a mode. Once your connection is active, you can also use the app to change your location to other countries, adding security and opening services locked by region. For example, you can switch to another country to use that other region’s Netflix catalog just by using PureVPN.

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