Housing Scheme: Acquisition of a Home by One Lakh Banks

Dammam: One lakh target this year for realization of housing project For many, the dream of owning a home will come true. Important among the various housing schemes being implemented in the country. As many as 140,000 families have been relocated to new homes as part of the ‘Sakani’ scheme. Will be transferred to. Real Estate Development Fund (REDF) Scheme PT to take.

The RAN project will help you reach your goals as part of Vision 2030. “I am just happy to be free,” said Mansour Bin Madi, chief of REDF. With the completion of 2021, various projects have been completed and partially completed. With the help of credit, 6,44,000 households will be able to afford housing. Launched in 2017 for small and large residential projects. Completed housing under the Ministry of Housing Including Housing Loans and Housing Loans There are various schemes available for the benefit of the consumers. Th. Loans are granted to those whose monthly salary is less than 14,000 riyals. In addition, the Rs 60,000 crore project under the South Contracts Authority Dates are coming. At the same time, due to the increased availability of housing among the natives Real estate rents are also reported to be lower in the real estate sector. Another reason is the fall of foreigners and banks. Six months into the first half of the year, according to 2020 estimates. As many as five lakh foreign workers and their families have left the country. Is the number.