Housewife killed in murder; Suffocated: Postmortem report | Murder | Crime | Kattappana | Breaking News

Post-mortem report states that the death of the housewife in Idukki Kattappana was a murder. The report states that he was strangled to death. Police said they have intensified the investigation for the accused. Chinnamma was found dead inside the house yesterday morning. Watch the video story.

Chinnamma’s husband George found her lying on the floor in the bedroom. Chinnamma was downstairs and George was upstairs the night before. It was a horrible sight when I woke up in the morning and came downstairs. George’s statement that Chinnamma’s gold jewelery was missing added to the mystery in the case. Police suspect that Chinnamma may have been killed during the robbery attempt. Blood stains were also found on the face. The forensic team also searched the home. Kattappana police have registered a case of unnatural death.