History would be nicer to you if Congress took your advice: Harsh Vardhan’s response to ex-PM Manmohan Singh’s letter | India News

New Delhi: Union Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan presented on his Twitter on Monday April 19 his response to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s letter on the fight against the COVID-19 crisis addressed to the Prime Minister Minister Narendra Modi.

Tweeting glimpses of his response to ex-PM Manmohan Singh, the Union Minister said the story would be sweeter for him (Manmohan Singh) if only his own party had followed his advice.

“It is sad, Dr Singh, that if you fully understand the importance of vaccination as an important method of fighting the battle against COVID-19, those in positions of responsibility in your party as well as the governments of States formed by your party do not seem to share your point of view, ”Harsh Vardhan wrote in his response.

Jibing against the opposition, the Union Health Minister also said: “It is shocking that the top leaders of the Congress party have yet to utter a single word of gratitude to our community of researchers in social scientists and vaccine makers for innovating under difficult circumstances and empowering the world with vaccines. “

The response from Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan comes a day after the former Prime Minister’s letter to Prime Minister Modi in which Manmohan Singh wrote: “The key to our fight against COVID19 must be to intensify the vaccination effort. We must resist the temptation to look at the absolute numbers being vaccinated, and instead focus on the percentage of the population vaccinated. “

Previously, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi also chaired a meeting of the Congressional Working Committee (CWC) and accused the central government of “blatant lack of preparation” and “hardship” in tackling the COVID-19 crisis .