Hindus pardon temple demolition

Lahore: The Hindu community in the region has pardoned hundreds of extremist Muslims who stormed and destroyed the Krishna Dwara temple in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan’s Karak district. The incident took place on December 20. Locals set fire to the temple and smashed it with hammers and other weapons in the area where the Krishna Dwara temple is located.

After this, there was frequent unrest between the Hindu and Muslim minorities in the area. The day before, members of the Hindu community had met with Muslim clerics to resolve the dispute. Based on this, it was decided to pardon the people who destroyed the temple. Instead, Muslim clerics are reported to have promised to protect the constitutional rights of the Hindu community and provide full protection from such incidents in the future.

After conciliation talks, both sides agreed to submit a letter to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The letter demanded the release of all the accused arrested so far in the case. About 50 people have been arrested so far in connection with the case. Ramesh Kumar, a member of the Pakistan Hindu Council, said the incident had hurt Hindus around the world.