Hi Hyundai just touch one; Hyundai vehicles will be ahead of you

EHyundai, one of India’s leading automakers, has come up with a new system to ensure efficient service to its customers. Hyundai has introduced the Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Hi-Hyundai system with its contactless sales plan. In the current scenario, the technology-based service is geared towards ensuring social distance and ensuring the safety of users and employees.

In November 2020, Hyundai set up a showroom live system to buy a vehicle without having to go to the showroom. Eight months after its launch, Hyundai claims to have handled more than 5,000 transactions across India. It is reported that the newly developed application will help to connect sales consultants and users.

Hyundai is at the forefront of purchasing vehicles and providing other services using virtual systems. Thousands of video conference sales and consultations have been made possible through the Hyundai Live system. The head of Hyundai India said that the new Hyundai Artificial Intelligence Chatbot will give users an unparalleled experience.

Hyundai’s Showroom Live system provides 360 degree view of the vehicle, features, comparison with other vehicles, special features, brochures and other information about the vehicle. In addition, this app will allow more than one person to sit and discuss in multiple locations. Hyundai has also launched the Click to Buy platform to buy the vehicle.

Hi Hyundai Chat ‌bot allows users to communicate about the vehicle. The system includes facilities to get to know the vehicle of choice, find the nearest dealership, know the new offer, book test drive and book a new car. The platform also provides information about the vehicle in 3D visuals with the help of a 75-inch touch screen.

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