Here’s why Bengaluru is seeing an increase in Covid cases in children under 10

As Covid cases increase in Bangalore, more children under 10 are testing positive. This month, 472 children under the age of 10 tested positive for Covid-19 and the number is expected to exceed 500 over the weekend.

Experts say the second wave hurt children unlike last year as children spend time outdoors. Of the total patients, 244 are boys and 228 are girls, the Times of India reported.

The report also states that families in general move much more, which increases the risk of transmission. Reacting to the increase in cases among children, Karnataka’s technical advisory committee on Covid-19 reportedly said it was not surprised by the increase in infections.

“A year ago cases in children weren’t as high because they weren’t exposed to the virus. During the lockdown, they were confined to their homes. Now they are visiting parks or playing in the common areas of their apartment complex, ”the member reportedly said.

He added that children could become carriers of the coronavirus. Experts also said it was difficult to get children to follow Covid guidelines, such as wearing masks and social distancing.

The committee member said that at events like weddings, children are part of the crowd and are therefore vulnerable to the virus.

Although there were 8 to 11 cases in children in the first week of March, it rose to 32 to 46 per day last week.

Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said on Saturday that coronavirus cases were on the rise in all states and that was an indication of the start of the second wave, as he called on people to show proof of caution.

Noting that 8-10 states have more active cases and that there are around 2.84 lakh cases in Maharashtra, 24,000 in Kerala and around 19,000 in Karnataka, he said: “It is clear that the second wave has started. So if we don’t cut back on activities, the danger is imminent. The minister urged the population to wear masks and to respect social distancing. The state’s positivity rate of 1.6% is above the national average, which is not a good sign, he said.

The state reported 2,886 new COVID-19 cases and eight related deaths on Saturday, bringing the total number of infections to 9.83,930 and the death toll to 12,492. State has reported more than 2,000 new cases. A total of 2,566 cases were reported on Friday.