“He chose his career and left”

Ankita Lokhande on breakup with suspect Singh Rajput: 'he chose his career and left'

An archive photo of Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Strong points

  • “I gave up a lot of things,” said Ankita Lokahnde
  • “I gave up the ‘Happy New Year'”, she added
  • “I was trying to build a man,” she also said

New Delhi:

Actress Ankita Lokhande, who dated actor Sushant Singh Rajput for several years, spoke about how the breakup affected her life and career after their split. Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput fell in love while performing on the TV show Pavitra Rishta, which made stars of both actors. Ankita and Sushant played sweethearts on the show and were one of the most popular TV couples, both on screen and in real life. Suspect Singh Rajput died by suicide in June last year, when Ankita was one of the few celebrities to stand alongside the family of the late actor. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Ankita said that Sushant “chose her career” over her relationship as she struggled to move on: “People come to me and say ‘You left Sushant …’. Do you know? Nobody knows? My thing, you know. I don’t blame anybody here. Sushant … he made his choice very clearly. He wanted to continue his career. He chose his career and left. But for two and a half years, I faced so many things. “

“I wasn’t in that mindset where I could just work… I’m not that kind of person who can easily move on and be busy with work. So you know to me that It was very difficult. My life had just ended. I was just over. I didn’t know what to do after that. I still don’t blame anyone. He chose his ways. But my ways were different. I was thirsty for it. love, emotions and all that… I gave her absolutely right: “This is your life, you can go on”, “Ankita added.

In the interview, Ankita also revealed that she has transmitted films such as Happy New Year because of Sushant, who she was dating at the time: “I gave up a lot. I gave up Happy New Year. I remember that Farah madame gave me the movie and I met Shah Rukh sir too. He said, ‘I’ll try to give you the best start. And I was like, okay, but deep in my head … I was in Macau. Me, Sushant and Shah Rukh were sitting there, and I was like “God, I hope I don’t understand”. When it comes to women, they always think, “No yaar, I wish my partner the best”. Until today, I have no regrets. I was trying to build a man and I did, you know, quietly I was trying to be a really strong support for Sushant. “

Ankita Lokhande also revealed that she chose not to appear in films such as Bajirao Mastani, Ram-Leela and even Sultan. Sharing a snippet of her conversation with filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ankita said she told him, “I wanted to get married” when offered a role in Bajirao Mastani. Ankita Lokhande made her Bollywood debut with a supporting role in the 2019 film Manikarnika: the queen of Jhansi, who just won the national award for best actress for Kangana Ranaut.

Ankita Lokhande is dating Vicky Jain and often reaches out to each other for their favorite posts. “He’s in my life and I’m very, very happy with him. He keeps me balanced,” Ankita said of Vicky Jain in the interview.