Happy Birthday Vidya Balan: It’ll be a different start to the year but I think there’s a lot of hope, actor says – Bollywood

January 1 is not only the start of a whole new year for Vidya Balan but also her birthday. However, this time around it will be a different kind of celebration for the actor on his special day, as she rightly notes how the world itself has changed amid the pandemic.

“This year obviously we won’t have a party, it will just be the family because no one feels safe going out, then a curfew and a limited number of people, it’s all there,” Balan explains. , who turns 42 today.

There might not be a big party, but it keeps the actor from having a wish for his birthday.

“It will be a different start to the year, but I think there is great hope, that the year will be more enjoyable and I think that is what we hope. Whenever I hear people say, “Oh my god, how much more will this world take from us,” I think my feeling is not that. I know what people mean when they say this because it has been difficult. But I really feel that for me a new year will be sweeter and nicer to us, ”she adds.

And hope is something Balan does not give up. “Normally they say lull before the storm, but hopefully 2021 will be the lull after the storm. It will be sunshine and happiness again, ”she said.

As the actor looks forward to the New Year, she says there are things to remember for her from the past year.

“Who knows what will happen tomorrow, this is what the pandemic made us understand that we have to live today. There has been a recalibration of life in general. The facets of our lives have changed. We are all trying to get back to what was normal for us, but we are still not there, the pandemic is still a reality, ”she explains.

Balan also feels that there has been a shift in priorities in our lives. “We’re capable of a lot more than we thought we were, that’s a huge achievement for a lot of people. And yet we have seen human resilience, the spirit of human resilience rise and shine.

Last year Balan saw an OTT outing with Shakuntala Devi, a Natkhat short, and she also shot for her movie, Sherni Amidst the Pandemic.

“We were trying to do everything we could to normalize the situation. I don’t think we can do that. I shot for Sherni. I started the movie before the pandemic, I finished it when the going was going and I’m very proud to say that we haven’t had a single Covid case. It was not easy to follow so many protocols while working. That’s why I say resilience. Ab kaam ho raha hai toh hum kaam karenge, whatever the cost, peheke kaam karenge mask, ”she concludes.