Gulf countries on high alert for Kovid expansion | Covid19

Kuwait City: Gulf countries are on high alert for the spread of Kovid. In the last two days in Kuwait, 26 Kovid deaths including Malayalees and 2438 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.

Government departments are on high alert as the spread of Kovid in the Gulf countries increases. Foreigners traveling to the Gulf countries were facing a major crisis.

With the imposition of a strict entry ban on foreigners in Kuwait, many Malayalees traveling to Kuwait from other Gulf countries have been in crisis. Unable to continue their journey, many Malayalees returned. Many have lost their jobs and residency because their visas have expired and they are unable to reach their places of employment.

The Kuwaiti cabinet has approved a ban on foreigners entering Kuwait, allowing only health workers, diplomats and domestic workers to enter the country. With this, many foreigners, including many expiring Malayalees, will lose their jobs and visas.