Govt. Comprehensive change to Medical College Campus College | Govt. To Medical College Campus College

Thrissur: Will it become the campus college of the Health University? Acquired by Thrissur Medical College as a comprehensive disease Study paper of the sub-committee of the Dimic Council. What if the campus is converted into a college without financial liability? Possibility to jump into the field of higher learning and research The following is the document that says yes. P. V. C. Drs. C.P. Vijayan, Dr. Hari Kumaran Nair, Dr. Ambu Jum, Dr. Shankar Sundaram was the Academic Council for February. It was formed in the study committee appointed by CIL. Govt. The campus will be different from the structure of a medical college The document makes it clear that the college will be handed over.

Comprehensive change in structure

College on the main campus affiliated with the University Also known as Campus College. What is the name of the campus college? University Medicine College, Thrissur, Govt. University Medical College has two recommendations. Th. The Prince came to power in the hands of the University of Health Sciences The only difference is in the liability of the plaintiff. Advice from the University on academic matters There will be a tan facility. Principal Chairperson and Vice Principal Nodal Office Rumaki College Board Undergraduate and Post Graduate Studies Will need to be rearranged. The Vice Chancellor will also be on board. The Board oversees and oversees the academic activities of the Board. And FIG. Principal and Nodal Officer of the University of Health Sciences Academic Council There will be a special invitation in New Zealand. Co-ordination between the College and the University through the Nodal Officer .

Qualitative change

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. It doesn’t matter. Directorate of Medical Education in Academic Affairs No need to wait for approval. There will be less office work related to academic matters. University College Authorized Research Center Roy College We will start.

Students do not just go to college, they go to university. Tom is known as a CTV student. There will be more opportunities in research and fellowship. Further learning possibilities will open up.

Research activities will be more efficient. There will be an opportunity to get more patents. Post Doctoral Fellowships in various fields Will have more potential.