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Through Express press service

CHENNAI: List of measures to combat the dengue attack in the state, the government of Tamil Nadu informed the Madras High Court on Thursday that 2,715 temporary agents had been deployed to carry out control measures, including controls on domestic breeding. He also argued that the state’s health insurance scheme had been extended to cover treatment for people with the vector-borne disease.

KS Selvakumar, Additional Secretary to the Government, Department of Health and Family Welfare, commented on a plea filed by attorney AP Suryaprakasam asking authorities to address the spread of dengue fever in the state .

The response to the court further mentioned that the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) was being extended to cover people affected by dengue in both public and private hospitals.
To compensate people undergoing treatment for dengue in private hospitals, the cashless treatment program can be used in staffed hospitals.

Under this program, the treatment of dengue complications such as dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome is already covered. Insurance coverage is capped at `5 lakh per family for five years, depending on the quote. Effective measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the vector-borne disease using more than 2,500 misting machines as well, the affidavit continued.

“[…]the total of sanctioned health inspector posts was 2,894, of which 384 were vacant. The government, by a recent GO, had granted permission to fill vacant posts. The notification of the Xb selection process is transmitted by the Medical Recruitment Board, which is under review by the government.

Meanwhile, to ensure uninterrupted services in the field, 2,715 additional health inspectors are temporarily hired to carry out disease control measures, including activities to combat Covid-19, ”the health official said. . The court, recording the observations, adjourned the plea for four weeks.