‘Government takes revenge on Kitex; Kovid hides death toll to become number one ‘| K Surendran | KITEX | Covid death

Kozhikode: BJP state president K Surendran has demanded that the chief minister respond to Kitex ‘withdrawal in Kerala. The government is seeking political revenge. The industry minister is seeking revenge against the Kitex Group. Everyone knows the reason for this. Today, Kerala is the 24th largest state in the world. Even the CM’s daughter chose Bangalore to start a business. The aim is to destroy all those who do not like the CPM. It is the same politically and industrially.

Surendran said the Chief Minister should answer to the people for leaving Kitex’s investment in Kerala. This is not just a matter of kitex. It is an issue that affects tens of thousands of people. Surendran said that it is the government and Pinarayi Vijayan who are tarnishing the image of Kerala.

Surendran also alleged that thousands of people who died due to Kovid were going to lose their aid due to the cruelty of PR workers to show that Kerala is number one. The government has now asked the DMOs for the actual death toll of Kovid. So it is true that so far the numbers have been false. Why do those who claim to have captured Kovid hide Kovid’s death toll? The government’s false figures come at a time when aid to the central government is being made available to those who have died of Kovid.

The government will not be number one just because it showed false numbers, or because it hid Kovid’s death, or because it only performed an antigen test instead of an RTPCR test. Kovid is committing a brutal human rights violation against the families of the victims. This is a criminal offense. Surendran said the government and the CPM should answer why they are hurting the poor for ‘cheap publicity’.

English Summary : K Surendran against Kerala government on KITEX issue