Government jobs for women; Citizenship law will be enforced; BJP manifesto in Bengal | BJP manifesto | Bengal

Kolkata: The BJP’s manifesto in Bengal announcing the reservation of government jobs for women and the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act. According to the manifesto, 33 per cent reservation will be made for women in government jobs. The manifesto was released by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

The petition also states that citizenship will be guaranteed to those who have been refugees for years. ‘If the NDA wins, the Citizenship Amendment Act will be implemented at the first cabinet meeting. Citizenship will be guaranteed to those who have been refugees here for 70 years. Each refugee family will be given Rs 10,000 a year for five years, ”said Amit Shah.

The manifesto has big plans for women. The paper also includes free travel on public transport and free education for all girls up to postgraduate level. The BJP has promised huge investment in the health and industrial sectors in its manifesto ahead of the Assembly elections.

All three new AIIMS hospitals are on offer. The families of the fishermen have been promised Rs 6,000 per annum. Amit Shah said the manifesto was based on the dream of a golden Bengal. The manifesto comes just a week before the first phase of Bengal polls.

English Summary: Sops for women, citizenship to refugees, new AIIMS: BJP Manifesto