Google Forms Android Ready SE Alliance to Push Digital Keys and Mobile IDs

Google has set up an Android Ready SE alliance to deliver new, more secure Android hardware. The coalition builds on Google’s push for Secure Element (SE), also available on Pixel phones via the Titan M chip. Google is hoping SEs will bring features like digital passports and ID cards to devices. Android.

“One of the main goals of this alliance is to enable consistent, interoperable and demonstrably secure applets across the Android ecosystem. Validated implementations of Android Ready SE applets create even greater confidence in the Android platform. OEMs who adopt Android Ready SE can produce more secure devices and allow remote updates to enable compelling new use cases as they are introduced into the Android platform, ”Google says on its development site.

The coalition is made up of SE suppliers and device manufacturers. It aims to accelerate the adoption of these technologies on Google’s Android platform. The partners will develop open source and ready-to-use applets for OS compatible chips. The alliance has already introduced the first applet with StrongBox. It is currently available from Giesecke + Devrient, Kigen, NXP, STMicroelectronics and Thales.

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Google added that StrongBox is also applicable to WearOS, Android Auto Embedded and Android TV and is not limited to only phones and tablets.

Noting that StrongBox and tamper-proof hardware are becoming the necessity of the hour, Google says the technology can be used for digital keys for cars, homes and offices, mobile driver’s license, national ID, passports. electronic and electronic money solutions.

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“All of these features must work on tamper-proof hardware to protect the integrity of application executables and data, keys, wallet, etc. of a user. Most modern phones now include tamper-proof discreet hardware called Secure Element (SE). We believe that this OS offers the best way to introduce these new consumer use cases to Android, ”adds the company.

Google further says it is working on a few applets to prioritize certain Android features. It includes a mobile driver’s license and credentials, as well as digital car keys.