OnePlus managed to generate a lot of excitement for its first smartwatch last month during its official unveiling. With the included fitness tracker and up to two weeks of battery life, it seemed like a steal at $ 159, even before factoring in the $ 20 voucher offered for the watch. Launch day has arrived and OnePlus’ latest gadget is officially on sale – or it would rather be if it wasn’t sold out almost immediately.

The promise of a smartwatch well below the usual price of high-end wearable devices was apparently too great for die-hard fans of the company to pass up. However, first impressions of the watch weren’t very nice, and our next review won’t be much different. While the hardware is pretty solid, OnePlus’ local operating system is far from impressive – although you’ll have to check out all of our thoughts coming this weekend.

The offer to claim a voucher for the watch was supposed to expire at midnight EST, but as of now you can still get a voucher to use between now and May 31 by signing in with your OnePlus account. Of course, you won’t be able to trade it in until other units are available for purchase. If you’re lucky, the watch might have an always-on display by the time OnePlus restocks its store.