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Goat Development Project: Application invited

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 12:01 AM IST

Pallot: Growing a goat on a commercial basis in Nandi Panchayat. Applications are invited for. Implement the scheme in commercial goat rearing. Under this scheme, 19 girls belonging to Malabari category (Rs. 8000 each) will be provided. Existing) One egg (worth Rs. 10000) is to be purchased under the scheme. Out of that amount, out of Rs.280,000, Rs.100000 is received as subsidy.
Conditions for Applicants: As per the Animal Welfare Department. Certificate of Training in Goat Breeding at NJT Holders should have priority, have farmer registration, 50s. The land must have its own molybdenum, the choice of the beneficiaries. The committee will consist of the District Animal Welfare Officer. Only 20 people who choose to get the benefit will get the benefit.

Completed application, copy of ration card, copy of Aadhar card, Animal Husbandry Goat breeding in the commercial jetty position conducted by the invitation department. Receipt Certificate Certificate (Give to Owners), Land This Year Receipt for the year and the Lease Agreement on July 15. Submit a thank you note to the veterinarian no later than 3 p.m. Debt.