‘Gift of life’: Gavaskar recalls how Sobers helped him ‘keep his place out’ | Cricket News

NAVI MUMBAI: like Indian locust celebrates 50 years of its iconic debut in Test, Sunil Gavaskar Wednesday said it wouldn’t have lasted so long if it hadn’t been for a few “lives” given by none other than the great Sir Garfield sobers.
Gavaskar speaking at ‘Gift of Life’ ceremony after ‘Bombay Airport Rotary Club”, Led by Nitin Mehta, facilitated congenital heart surgeries for approximately 150 children at“ Shri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital ”.
“In my first test match that I was playing I was hitting on 12 and a practice outside of the strain and the catch went to the bigger cricketer … Garfield Sobers, he went straight to him and it slipped out of his hands., I was only 12, so I had a gift of cricketing life there, ”said the 71-year-old.

“It allowed me to mark half a century and keep my place in the team for the next Test,” he recalls.
The legendary drummer made his test debut on March 6, 1971 against the West Indies, a series won by India. He went on to become the first batsman to score 10,000 tries.

“In the next test as well, when I hit a 6 I hit the ball outside the stump, again it went to Sir Garfield Sobers, this time of course the ball went a lot faster, he probably didn’t see it in the background.
“The ball sometimes gets lost in the background and he hit him in the chest and by the time he recovers the ball fell to the ground again and I had my first century of testing.
“It helped me to continue my career for 16 to 17 years for the Indian team. But for those two lifetimes I wouldn’t be there,” he said and also explained how cricket is a game team, ”recalled the ‘Little Master’, who amassed 10,122 races from 125 tests.