George Floyd Murder US Ex-Police Officer Derek Chauvin Sentenced To Over 22 Years | Floyd Murder: Former Police Officer Arrested For Killing George Floyd 22.5 Years Jail

Minneapolis, United States: George Floyd, of African-American descent (George Floyd) Derrick Shaw, a former U.S. police officer who was strangled to death, has been sentenced to 22 years in prison. The assassination of George Floyd led to decades of mass protests against racism in the United States.

Shawin offered his condolences to George Floyd’s family before Judge Peter Cahill ruled in Minneapolis court, but he refused to apologize. The court sentenced him to less than 30 years in prison as requested by the prosecution.

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Earlier, it was decided to pay a large sum of money to the family of George Floyd. Minneapolis (Minneapolis) The government decided to settle the damages by settling a civil case filed by George Floyd’s family against the government and the police department.

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By George Floyd (George Floyd) The family was awarded $ 27 million (approximately Rs 196 crore) in compensation. At a news conference, the attorneys said the lives of blacks were worth living.

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George Floyd, a black man who worked as a security guard at a restaurant in Minneapolis, was strangled to death by police. Despite pleading for pain, shortness of breath and water, police held Floyd’s knees around his neck for about eight minutes.

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