Genshin Impact v1.5 update will add player housing

Genshin impact, while not an MMO at heart, certainly tries things that have become staples in this genre. The latest update to hit action-adventure game gacha is something gamers love in their favorite MMOs – player housing is coming to mega-hit Genshin impact. Coming in the version 1.5 update, and announced in a trailer, instead of your traditional mechanic of buying a land and building / customizing that area, players will be able to get an item called ” Serenitea Pot ”- AKA a pocket sized catwalk that you can decorate however you like. There is no exact method to obtain this article, but we’ll almost certainly have a guide as soon as the update is released on April 28.

Also included in this Genshin impact The updates are new characters, boss fights, and story content as expected in each update, but the addition of the new housing system is certainly something to be excited about. Not content with stopping to personalize a single house, Genshin impact takes it a step further and gives you a large amount of land to fill with a village’s worth of buildings and characters. With the way the game treats its characters, you can only have four in your party at a time, but excess characters can be found roaming your personal space.

Genshin impact Barbara standing in front of the food, update

The team of miHoYo, the Chinese developer also known for its mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd, will bring this new update, titled Under the light of jadeite, on PlayStation 4, iOS, Android and PC on April 28. A Nintendo Switch and PS5 version is also in the works, although that will be later in the future.

Are you excited for the new update? Will this bring you back to Genshin impact if you haven’t played for a while? Leave a comment.