From birth the bed is in this cage; The goal is to take the bile alive

From birth to death you can be crammed into a cage without even moving. There are bears in China that have lived like that for 30 long years. The purpose of raising them in this way is their bile.

Two bears were rescued from an illegal farm in Vietnam yesterday. They have been growing there for about 17 years. Because poaching is not easy and has been banned from time to time, they have been reared in cages, including in China.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. With that, ‘bear farming’ became active. The gallbladder material is sold in dried and pill form. Digestive juices produced by the liver are stored in the gallbladder

Bile is collected from the gallbladder through special tubes. This is happening at every stage of growth. Eventually the bears will be killed as they age

Bears rescued from Vietnam have become extinct after repeated injections of special tubes designed to extract bile into the gallbladder. It is one of the main raw materials in Chinese traditional medicine. The ‘juice’ from a bear’s bladder can be sold for at least $ 25,000 each time

The collection of bile from bears has been practiced since 1980. Since 1992, such bile has been declared illegal in Vietnam. But it is still legal in China. Bear bile is even recommended as a treatment for corona.