Fortnite Chapter 2 season 6 memes reveal secret vault, info on all seven, and more

Epic Games recently released Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 which has arrived with a ton of new content. It revolves around prehistoric life and included introduced some of the island’s primordial regions.

In addition, three weapons from Fortnite: Save the World are now part of the battle royale mode. Players can collect animal bones or mechanical parts spread across the map to upgrade these weapons, or even craft new ones like the Flame Bow or Shockwave Bow.

Naturally, fans around the world left no room for making memes out of the aforementioned meta-changes in Fortnite.

Prominent YouTuber Ali-A explored the funniest content related to Chapter 2 of Season 6 in a recent video:

To his surprise, Ali-A not only gathered important details about the Seven, but finally figured out how to open a newly introduced secret safe on the map.

Fortnite fan theory reveals remaining members of the Seven

Since Chapter 1, the Seven has been one of the most mysterious organizations in the Fortnite universe. It includes the visitor, the scientist, the paradigm and the foundation. The Foundation appears to be the leader of the Seven and was part of the final cutscene for Season 6.

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According to u / TheBestSharky on Reddit, the paradigm is actually the singularity of Chapter 1 of Season 9. Additionally, two unknown sisters are part of the Seven as Agent Jonesy mentions during the Zero Crisis event.

Confronting the Foundation, Agent Jonesy also opens up to take him to “Geno”. As a result, the Reddit user believes Geno is the latest member of the Seven. However, it can be a place and not a person.

How to open the secret safe on the island

Ali-a had recently discovered a suspicious safe on the Fortnite map, but was unable to open it. It is located to the right of Catty Corner next to the gigantic bunker door.

The YouTuber revisited the safe and finally figured out how to open it. Apparently, melee weapons don’t work on the vault door, and explosives are the only credible way to get through it. These “Kaboom” explosives can be found in the open and explode when fired at. Just throw those bombs in front of the safe door and shoot them.

After destroying the door, you can interact with the secret vault and complete a quest that requires you to “investigate an anomaly detected near Catty Corner”.

Whether it’s huge changes to the mechanics of the game or such hidden details, it stands to reason that Epic Games put a lot of effort into Chapter 2 of Season 6. Interestingly, this n is just the start of the season, and a majority of content related to DC Comics, Batman, and Neymar Jr. has yet to be released.

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