Former DYFI regional office bearer in Karipur gold smuggling case Sajesh appeared for questioning Kerala News in Malayalam

Kochi : Gold smuggling case via Karipur (Karipur Gold Smuggling Case) DYFI (DYFI) Former Regional Officer c. Sajesh appeared for questioning today. The notice was issued to appear at the customs office in Kochi at 11 am. The customs court was told that Arjun Ayanki, who was arrested in the case of Sajesh, a former DYFI regional secretary in Chennai, was a benami.

It was also found that the car used by Arjun was registered in the name of Sagesh. Arjun Ayanki in Customs custody (Arjun Ayanki) Customs officials had said that Sajesh would be questioned along with mediator Mohammad Shafiq. Sage’s role in the gold smuggling and information about other groups will be sought.

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The initial finding of the customs was that there was a large group of youths under Arjun Ayanki for smuggling. Arjun Ayanki has been remanded in custody till July 6 and Mohammad Shafiq has been remanded in custody till July 5.

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Customs officials said Arjun Ayanki was the mastermind of the Karipur gold smuggling case. Officials said he was aware of the gold smuggling and that Arjun had confessed. Arrested at the airport and smuggled (Gold smuggling) Arjun Ayanki was arrested on the basis of the statement of the arrested Mohammad Shafiq that he had brought the gold to give to Arjun.

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However, officials said that Arjun had denied Mohammad Shafiq’s allegations that the gold was smuggled by Arjun Ayanki. Customs officials also found that Arjun had destroyed various pieces of evidence in the case. Evidence, including a mobile phone, was destroyed.

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