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Denmark and the Czech Republic, who did not have much of a chance at the start of the tournament, are on the verge of crossing the quarter-finals today.

The kickoff of the match will be at the Olympic Stadium in Baku from 9.30 pm Indian time.

The fall of playmaker Christian Eriksson and the defeats in the first two matches have helped Denmark prepare for the quarterfinals after overcoming a number of challenges.

Denmark beat Russia 4-1 in the final match of the group and beat Wales 4-0 in the quarterfinals to reach the last eight.

The Czech Republic, on the other hand, reached the quarter-finals on the strength of their victory over Scotland and their ability to hold Croatia to a draw.

Holland’s Orange Revolution was thwarted in the pre-quarter and tickets for the quarter were taken.

This is the third time the two teams have met in the Euro Cup. The last two times the check was won. The last time they clashed at the European Championships was in 2004.

In 1992, Denmark became champions. Since Czechoslovakia became champions in 1976, the Czech Republic, which was part of it, can also claim the crown.

England must break down Ukraine’s steel wall

English fans are hopeful that the title will go home this time. Ukraine, on the other hand, is set to continue its miracles under the tutelage of the legendary Andrei Shevchenko.

The competition will be held at the Studio Olympics in Rome from 12.30 pm Indian time.

In the group stage, they beat Croatia and the Czechs to draw with Scotland and advance to the quarterfinals.

There, Germany’s strong challenge went to the quarterfinals.

Despite losing to the Netherlands, Ukraine advanced to the group stage, beating Austria and North Macedonia.

Sweden ‘s challenge in the pre – quarter was secured by overcoming the last minute of extra time.

Both teams are aiming for their maiden Euro title.

England have lost just one of their last seven matches against Ukraine. Four were won and two were drawn.

Earlier, England and Ukraine met in a major tournament in the group stage of Euro 2012. England won the toss and elected to field.

Ecuador calls on Argentina

Semi-targeted midfielder at the Copa Amrica football tournament Messi will play against Argentina and Ecuador
Goyania in Brazil tomorrow at 6.30am Indian time Kickoff of the competition.
Three wins and one of the four matches played in Group A. He is the number one player in the world with ten points Arrived at the Gentile Quarter.
All three teams from Group B have one VU Lam finished second in the Ecuador quarterfinals.
In the group stage, the authority of the Aryans under the leadership of Messiah The Argentine quarterfinals were confirmed by Kami Bolivia beat Bolivia 4-1 in the final.
Ecuador, on the other hand, take the lead in many matches The draw ended, the decisive end of the group In the match, Brazil beat P1 1-1 Grow to the Ecuadorian Quarterly of Urvalencia Proceeds from the last quota in PP.
Argentina have won 21 of the 36 matches they have faced so far Ecuador wins five-match series against Ecuador I love you.
Angel Di Maria and Christian, who were in Paris’ PT Romero’s well-being also a positive factor for Argentina N.
No one was injured in Ecuador.
Argentina’s target is the first Copa del Rey since 1993. Ecuador has never been a champion.

Uruguay and Colombia

With the goal of gaining a place in the final quarter of the cup Uruguay and Colombia will meet in the quarterfinals tomorrow.
The match will be played in Brasilia from 3.30 pm Indian time. Uruguay are second in Group A. It’s a win-win situation.
Colombia finished third in Group B in 2 matches They are the ones who have won the toss and elected to field Was assisted by.
In 16 of the 33 matches they have played so far Uruguay won, Colombia 10, 33 matches Only one of them is a heart race and the rest is big There were tournaments.