Flowers Pookalam varavayi Fame Mridula Vijay opens up Her Pre-wedding happiness with yuva | Missing before marriage is a pleasure; Serial actress Mridula reveals the real name of her fianc

In an interview, Yuvakrishna said that he first met Mridula at a shop a year ago. Serial actress Rekha Ratheesh has often said that she thought so when she asked if she could marry you. Now, in the response given by the woman online, Mridula talks about the young woman’s real name and how she is missing before marriage.

‘He is a young Palakkad resident. My hometown is Thiruvananthapuram. The official name of the youth is Unnikrishnan. And mine as Sreelakshmi. We have been good friends for over a year. Rekha Chechi plays the mother of me and Yuva in the serial. Chechi asked when he was told that he was planning to get married at home. Then both of you should not be married.

Until then both of us have no such desire or thought in our minds. We talked to each other, we said at home first, we told each other to join the horoscope. Gradually I realized that we could go together. The most important thing is mental compatibility. It felt like we had it.

The young woman came to see. Then the appointment took place. Due to Kovid’s background, there were very few people. We couldn’t even call the whole people in the series we were starring in. But I think marriage can change all the problems of this Kovid and call everyone down. Now I am in Thiruvananthapuram and I am in Kochi. Chetan will start the day after my shoot. Mridula also asks if this missing before marriage is fun.