Floor new friend; Blast with video

The video shows him laughing heartily when he sees his friend

Pel’s world now revolves around daughter status. Pelly shares every step of her daughter’s development from pregnancy onwards with her fans on social media. Pelly has now shared a video on Instagram introducing her daughter’s new friend.

Nila’s friend is a doll. The video shows the baby laughing when he sees the doll.

Actress and presenter Pelly Mani and actor Sreenish Aravind are the celebrity couple of social media. The audience witnessed the friendship between the two, which started at the Bigg Boss house, turned into love and later led to marriage. The couple is happy to have a daughter together after two years of marriage.

Sreenish and his daughter often share their stories, pictures and videos on social media. Sreeni and Pelly’s Q&A session with fans answering questions was also noticed recently.

In the middle of the shoot, Pelly arrives with her daughter who woke up from sleep. And so on. Meanwhile, Sreeni’s dialogue with laughter. Sreeni’s dialogue “Pelly, she’s stuck in your hair ‘makes Pelly laugh too.

In the video, the two talk about the changes that have taken place since the status quo came to life and the new features.

Recently, Pelly and Sreenish had their second wedding anniversary. The couple got married on May 5, 2019. The two also shared pictures of the wedding anniversary celebrations.

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