Fish farming in most parts of the country: Abandoned paddy stocks: Nattu Visesham

Fisheries in most parts of the country: Abandoned paddy stocks

Friday, July 2, 2021 9:46 PM IST

Thuravoor: Field collections after leaving the farm. Thuravoor, Kuthiya Thot, Pattanakkat, Ezhupunna Panchayat They are fully cultivated in the paddy fields Which is fixed. In some parts of the region, only nominal agriculture is practiced. The field of paddy production which was produced on a large scale years ago. Fish farming has now become the norm in Kerala.
Complete subversion of the State Government’s One Rice and One Fish Scheme At present, only fish farming is practiced in many paddy fields. And FIG. Fish farming can be done with the help of soil tillage machinery. Only fish farming is done by removing all the silt, silt and other contaminants from the depths. The project is currently working towards its goal.
Pallithottu – In the field collections on both sides of Chavati Road. By this time, fish farming had become a thing of the past. Bonds are strengthened using machines and in stock collections. Increases yield and makes it suitable for fish farming. Fish farming in non-agricultural field stocks in Panchayats Pass the proposed resolution and contact the District Administrator in this regard. Tam has also given strict instructions.

Course collections left by neighboring groups or family Car-assisted farm houses and local self-governing bodies. And in collaboration with the resumption of agriculture in these field reservoirs. Even though the need to get married is years old, it still is. No action has been taken in this regard.
Two years ago, former Agriculture Minister Sunil Kumar visited these field collections. Be careful and strictly implement a fish plan in one of the EVs. It was declared to be. No action taken