First National Season Agenda at Next BCCI Apex Council Meeting


An update on the NCA will also be discussed.

An update on NCA will also be discussed © Getty

The Cricket Control Board of India (BCCI) has called a meeting of the Apex Board to formulate plans for domestic cricket to come. The meeting, scheduled for April 16, will also address issues relating to the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA), the controversy following the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) conduct of an unauthorized T20 league, at a Telangana Cricket Association appeal and National Cricket Academy (NCA) progress.

“The main agenda is for domestic cricket,” a member of the Apex Council told Cricbuzz. Only white ball formats could be played for senior men and women after the resumption of cricket in India, with no first class and age group cricket possible. It is understood that the BCCI wants to devise a strategy on how to conduct the national season and prepare for the unexpected.

BCCI board members, including Chairman Sourav Ganguly, recently said efforts would be made to organize age-group matches after the Indian Premier League (IPL), but addressing the weather conditions and to the worsening situation of Covid-19 in the country. would pose great challenges.

The BCA T20 tournament opened a debate on T20 leagues by state units and it is likely that the BCCI will formulate a policy on this. The BCA has apologized to the BCCI for hosting the tournament at the end of March, but the concern before the BCCI is corruption in these state-run T20 tournaments. Last year, the Karnataka Premier League (KPL) was rocked by a match-fixing controversy.

The J&K High Court recently ordered the BCCI to take the JKCA under its wing and lead the body by forming an interim committee until the election to the association is conducted. “The BCCI will be authorized to appoint a committee / sub-committee to direct, administer, control and supervise the affairs of the JKCA until the elections take place and a body of the JKCA is elected under its supervision, where after the administration, control and supervision of the JKCA will be entrusted to the newly elected members of the Association, ”the court ordered a few weeks ago.

There is also an agenda item on the progress made on the ANC in Bengaluru. The implementation of NCA’s ambitious plans has been slow and the BCCI mandarins are expected to take serious decisions in this regard. Other potential issues are tax issues for the T20 World Cup in India in October-November and support staff for the women’s team.

The location and time of the Apex Council meeting was not communicated to members. “So far, meetings have only been conducted virtually. All members except representatives of state associations were summoned to Chennai for the opening of the IPL. Now that we know that physical meetings can be arranged, the Apex Council meeting can be arranged during an IPL Match on April 16, “said a BCCI official.

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