Financial crisis: Lights and Sounds owner commits suicide

Thiruvananthapuram: The owner of Lights and Sounds committed suicide at Murinjapalam in Thiruvananthapuram due to financial crisis. Maya Sounds owner Nirmal Chandran committed suicide.

According to the employees and relatives of Nirmal Chandran, he committed suicide due to financial crisis. The company has been locked up for two years in the Kovid situation. In this situation, Nirmal was running a chicken shop in Varkala for a living. This is where Nirmal Chandran was found dead.

The materials at the Light and Soundhouse establishment are corroded and damaged. Nirmal Chandran had submitted several petitions pointing out the problems in this area. The brother explained that he had talked to relatives about the financial crisis.

Nirmal Chandran’s family consists of his wife and two children. The daughter of a graduate student has gone to college for exams without knowing the news of her father’s demise.

(Note: Suicide is not the answer, seek the help of a mental health professional and try to survive. Toll free helpline number: 1056)

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