“Fazil sir cheated and cut our scene”, Manichitrathazh deleted rum gangs!


Video screenshot

HAlthough 27 years have passed since the release of Nichitrathazhu, the fan base of the film has not diminished. Various scenes in the film are actively discussed on social media. Now, the deleted rum gangs under the bell released by the fans have caught the attention.

The video features comedians Prajith Kailasav and Deepu Navaikulam recreating the scenes of Manichitrathazhu. The two acted as if they had come to work in a field in Madampally. The main scenes in the video are of Gum Gay trying to give Nakula poisoned tea and Nakula blocking Sridevi’s head and locking her in the room. The video shows Ram cycling to Voor and Sunny, Ganga and Nakula returning from their hometown.

The video was shared with the caption “Fazil sir cheated and cut our scene”.