Fan jumps into the river just to see Chay

Fans of star heroes often get into weird and insane acts for a selfie or just to say hello to their favorite star. But there are incidents where they go crazy with too much enthusiasm and embarrass the star herself. Here is one of those incidents, where a huge drug addict from Naga Chaitanya did some crazy deed just to see it.

Chay’s thank-you movie in the direction of Vikram Kumar shoots scenes in East Godavari. Many fans gathered near the bridge from where they could see the Chay rowing boat on the river below. One of the fans was seen calling out to Chaitanya from above and when Chaitanya’s boat approached just under the bridge, the fanatic jumped into the river just to see and greet the actor.

He swam after Chay’s boat and later met his favorite actor. The incident would have shocked and visibly Naga Chaitanya, who praised the fan for doing such a crazy act. Chay is said to have asked the fan to refrain from doing such bizarre acts in the future.

We have seen our star heroes repeatedly ask their fans not to go crazy to meet them and risk their own lives in this way.

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