Fahad Fazil in Ranjith; Madhu’s story becomes a movie?


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RFahadh Fazil is all set to play the lead in Njith’s new movie. There are indications that the life of Madhu, who was beaten to death by a mob in Attappadi, Palakkad, will be the theme of the film. Ranjit spoke about this in an interview given to a leading online.

In an interview, Ranjit said that although he is now in retirement, a good thing has come up and Fahad Fazil has been appointed as the captain. He said that the script work for the film is in progress and he has entered the story with his mind. Though discussions on social media have been active that Madhu is the subject of the film, it has not been confirmed.

The lack of political correctness in my old films and so on and so forth is not permanent. What I think is right is still writing, shooting and making movies. Mohanlal’s appearance is not convincing in the guise of a colony or a tribal man. If the story of a man living within the Chola tribe of Nilambur is told, can Mammootty or Prithviraj be cast if the life of Madhu in Palakkad Attappadi is made into a film? Ranjith asked. He said he was looking for a form that is convincing, not caste. After this, Ranjith spoke about the new film.