Exclusive interview! Being a part of Bigg Boss was a courageous decision: Rashami Desai on BB13, the lessons of the pandemic and his idea of ​​love

Rashami Desai, who is best known for her shows like
Uttaran and
Dil Se Dil Tak, was part of
Bigg Boss 13, which ended last year. Soon after, the country went into lockdown. In a candid conversation with BT, Rashami talks about his decision to participate in
Great leader, the lessons of the pandemic and his idea of ​​love and solidarity. Excerpts …

Last year you got out of Great leader home and a month later COVID struck. What was your greatest learning in this pandemic?

I have learned a lot of things over the past year. I had this much needed time with my family and time with myself and my gadgets! I could also complete much of my pending work. Overall I now have a lot more clarity about life and my surroundings … it was something that I really needed. Sometimes filtering is important, but of course, at the same time, some unfiltered things are also beautiful. It’s the way you are and how you want to see things.

Talk about Great leader, when you look back, do you think the show worked for you?
Be part of
Bigg Boss 13 It was a very big decision, it was a very courageous decision on my part. I have no regrets about doing the show. There are few things that come with their pros and cons, but this is how life is. This platform over the years has brought a lot to applicants, but they must appreciate it. I’m happy to have been a part of this season because it has contributed to my life in a very important way. In fact, I’m more than happy to have done the show.

Your personal life was showcased on the show …

It is now in the past and I have moved on. So I wouldn’t want to talk about it.

You are single today. But do you miss having a partner, especially in these difficult times when we are in the middle of a pandemic?

I am single and happy. I am happy with myself and that is the most important. You don’t need someone to accompany you somewhere, to make you feel good, or to entertain you. You need someone who understands you, supports you in what you want to do, and helps you grow as an individual. This is what I would call unity. I learned this during the pandemic.

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You had a steamy photoshoot recently … is it for a change of image? Do you want to break free from your Bahu picture or even Naagin that you last played on TV?

I’m very happy that people connect well with me no matter what show I’ve been on. In fact, I’ve done some daring shoots in the past as well. I remember a long time ago I shot for a magazine and it was a pretty daring shoot; from there, I had the confidence; I felt it was my body and it was beautiful, it all depends on how I look at it. So, I never felt the need to change any of my images. I think I wear amazing clothes, and in fact, I’ve always had a soft spot for clothes and accessories, but maybe people are taking notice now.

In terms of work, you do both TV and OTT. What about the movies?

I am an actress and I would like to be limitless. I would like to take over any project that makes me happy, where I will give my thousand percent. Whether it’s TV, OTT, shorts, albums or even walking the ramp, it’s a personal choice. I don’t understand why people categorize things. I want to be a part of amazing projects and that should be about the way I play and how the audience connects to my performance. The medium shouldn’t matter.

You started your showbiz career at a young age. How would you sum up your journey so far?
I started my career very young because I had no choice, I had certain situations to deal with. I think for a very long time I kept running from one thing to another, trying to do everything. But I’m happy that there is stability now and want to do a good job. My dreams are not over yet as an actress, I am working in this direction. I know I’ll get there and it’s a great feeling.

If there was one thing you could change about this trip you’ve been on so far, what would it be?
Nothing really because all of my experiences are part of the trip.
Agar woh cheezein nahin hui hoti toh aaj main yahan nahin hoti. If you love the good that has happened to you, you must also accept the evil that comes your way. I am someone who accepts failure and my mistakes.
Main ek baar giroongi, do baar giroongi, ho sakta hai adolescent baar gir jaoon, but after that I will succeed perfectly. As human beings we are bound to make mistakes and there is nothing wrong with that, but we have to learn from them, grow and move forward. You cannot be perfect. There must be a little imperfection that people connect with and really love about you.