Exclusive! Eijaz Khan: If there was no COVID, I would have written poems for Pavitra and shared on social media as a birthday present

Pavitra Punia from Bigg Boss 14 is celebrating its 34th birthday today. She met the love of her life, Eijaz Khan, on the reality show and since then the two have been open about their affection for each other. They even talked about taking their relationship to the next level when they feel the time is right.

To make her birthday special, Eijaz bought some giant balloons and a lavish cake that she cut last night. The photos they posted on social media gave a glimpse of the warm celebration the couple had together on their anniversary.

Speaking exclusively to us, Eijaz said he really wanted to make his big day special. “It was a little party with no friends or family, it was just us. We are public figures and when we preach to others that they should stay home and stay safe, we should follow the same. It doesn’t look good for us to go out and celebrate with friends. This is the reason why we are not going anywhere today and will be staying at home on Pavitra’s birthday, ”said Eijaz.

How did he manage to make this day special for her? “I have balloons and a cake for her. I surprised her with a special gift that she wanted and I hope she likes it. It’s her first birthday with me,” said herself. he exclaimed, adding, “All that matters to me is that she has a smile on her face from the moment we brought her her birthday. I will not share the gift I gave her, because in these COVID times, talking about all of this is not appropriate. If there was no COVID around us, I would have written poems for her and shared them on social media to show her my love. ”

Eijaz is happy to have Pavitra by his side during these difficult times of this pandemic. “I’m happy to be able to spend time with someone I love and share my thoughts,” he signed.