Even if you don’t like it, you have to do some movies for that reason: Revelation by actress Kani Kusruthi

Kani Kusruthi is an actress who has gained attention through various photoshoot films. The actress is also known as an actress and a model. Kani won the State Film Award for Best Actress this year for her performance in Biryani. The actress is the daughter of social activists Maitreyan and Dr AK Jayasree. The actress loves dramas and has never acted in a Malayalam film.

But to the surprise of Malayalam cinema, the actor sought the award he deserved. The actor said that he was dedicating the award to his first heroine Rosie. Kani is very interested in drama. Now the actor is opening his mind about cinema and drama. The actress has revealed that she has been interested in drama since she was young and that she only does movies for money. Kani says that the atmosphere of the play is the reason for that.

He said that he did not like films released in the period 2000-220. The actress says that she did not go to the theaters at that time. The actress remembers that it was also a time when she was looking for a lot of opportunities from movies. But they were all rejected. He did small roles in the film regardless of the importance of the character for the money.

The actor says that he does dramas when he has a passion for acting. Kani says that many movies are still made for money because the characters don’t like it. Many photoshoot pictures have often received rave reviews on social media. But none of such criticisms matter to Kani.

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