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Family members of the team’s superstars have been embroiled in controversy following France ‘s early exit from an unexpected defeat to Switzerland in the Euro Cup pre – quarterfinals. According to French media outlet RMC Sport, Juventus star Adrian Rabbiat’s mother Mbabane and Pogba’s family members were involved in the walkout.

Adrian Rabbiat’s mother Veronica Rabiat had a walkout with the family of other players in France after Mbabane missed the final kick of the match to secure France’s defeat. They first approached Pogba’s family and questioned whether the Manchester United player had missed the ball for Switzerland’s last goal.

After that, Veronica Rabiot approached Embappa’s father and reportedly raised harsh criticism against the PSG star. His request to the star’s father to teach him how to reduce Mbabane’s arrogance led to further controversy.

According to reports, the rest of the unrest between the players during the match took place in the gallery after the match. Rabbit reacted angrily to Pogba’s loss of the ball before Switzerland’s goal in the final minute of the match. Deschamps had earlier revealed that it was involved in the incident.

“I had to calm them down. It was essential that we continue to be at peace because the extra time of the match was left to play.” Speaking to the media after the match, the France coach made it clear.