Euro cup 2021: Spain vs Switzerland quarter final score and full match details


Spain’s hero is goalkeeper Une Simon, who saved two penalties for the Swiss team in the shootout. Simon blocked penalties from Fabian Scouar and Manuel Akanji. The fourth kick was scored by Ruben Vargas outside the cross bar. Only Mario Garanovic, who scored the first penalty, found the target for the Swiss team. Spain ‘s first penalty was missed by captain Sergio Busquets, but Daniel Olmo, Gerard Moreno and Michael O’Reilly found the back of the net. Rodrigo’s only penalty was blocked by Swiss goalkeeper Jan Somer.


Spain needed to win in overtime. But Somer’s eye-catching saves denied Spain a number of goals. In the 79th minute, Froeler was sent off and the Swiss team held Spain back with 10 men in extra time until the end of regulation time.

Both the teams started in a slow rhythm. In the first few minutes, both teams focused on holding the ball longer without making significant advances. Spain had the ball from the start. The Spanish account was opened within eight minutes. The goal came at the end of a corner kick which was considered harmless. The corner kick from the right corner was aimed at Laporte, who was unmarked inside the box. The player tried to head but could not connect. At the feet of Jordi Alba outside the ball box. Alba was hit by a left-footed long-range ranger. Zakaria miscalculated even though the goalie was ready to figure out the direction of the ball.


Zachariah’s attempt to set foot in the direction of the ball was disastrous. The ball bounced off the post and into the right corner of the net, but the goalie could not even move. It was the 10th own goal of the tournament. In the history of the tournament for the last 15 years, there have not been so many self-goals in all.

The game was still controlled by Spain. The Swiss team tried a counter-attack on the occasional ball. Spain had a good chance to take the lead in the 17th minute. Free kick in favor of Spain from just outside the box. Coke took the kick. It was a great kick but went over the cross bar with a slight difference.


Another goal for Spain in the 25th minute. This time it was from a corner kick. Coke’s corner kick from the right was deflected into the head of defender Cesar Aspilicuta. But Aspilikuta’s free header from the middle of the box was weak. With this, the goalkeeper easily jumped up and put it in his hand.

The Swiss team rarely got the ball. They counter-attacked for a draw but they did not reach the Spanish goalkeeper. Many were snatched away by the Spanish defense. Spain defended against the Swiss attack by conceding corners. But the Swiss team failed to capitalize on these. Not a single shot to the goal came from the Swiss side in the first half.

The Swiss team did even better in the second half. Their pressing game was constantly causing problems for Spain. In the 56th minute, the Swiss team had a good chance to equalize. Zachariah’s superb header from Rodriguez’s corner kick made everyone’s spectators, but went just wide of the post.


In the 68th minute, the Swiss team equalized through the captain Shakiri. This was his third goal of the tournament. The goal came from an error in the Spanish defense. Spain was deceived by the confusion between Laporte and Pau Torres. Swiss player Froeler got the ball. He went with the ball on the right wing and passed it to Shakiri from inside the box. Shaquille O’Neal, who was unmarked, deflected the ball into the back of the net with a left-footed ground shot.


The Swiss were stunned when Froeler was sent off in the 79th minute. This was following a sliding tackle against the Spanish player Moronio. The Swiss players protested, but the referee confirmed the decision after seeking VAR’s help.

Since then, the Swiss team has not been able to launch as many open attacks as before. Spain then made some excellent moves for the winning goal but they all ended up in the hands of the goalkeeper. The match ended 1-1. The game then went into extra time. It was seen as the complete domination of Spain in Xtreme. They were roaring to shake the Swiss net. With this, the fight turned between Spain and Spain and Swiss goalkeeper Jan Somer. Sommer continued to thwart Spain’s goal attempts one after another. There was not even a single goal attempt from the Swiss side in the first half of extra time. They only tried to stop Spain from scoring. And they succeeded.

In the second half of extra time, Spain struggled to find the back of the net, but the Swiss team and goalie Sommer did not want to lose. So the second half ended goalless and a penalty shootout was needed to decide the winner.

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