Euro Cup 2021: Spain vs Croatia prequarter final match score and full details

Pablo Sarabia (38th minute), Cesar Aspilicuta (57th), Ferran Torres (76th), Alvaro Morata (100th) and Michael Oasabel (103rd) were the top scorers for Spain. Mislav Orczyk (85) and Mario Pasalich (90) were the other Croatian scorers to take the lead in Pedri’s own goal in the 20th minute. Until the 84th minute, Spain secured an official victory of 3-1 and secured a quarter berth. But then the game changed drastically. Croatia hit back with two goals to put the game into extra time.


But two goals in three minutes in extra time ended Croatia’s hopes. Morata, who received from inside Olmo’s beautiful cross box, fired a brilliant left-footed shot. Oyasabelle, who came in with another excellent cross from Olmo from a similar angle three minutes later, was on target with a close range shot.


From the start of the game, Spain dominated the ball. Outside the Croatian box, Spain struggled from the start. With this, Croatia had to move to the defense. In the first minute, Croatia could not even touch the ball. In the 13th minute, at the end of Morata’s pass, Sarabia tried a shot towards the Croatian goal, but it fell outside the net.

A golden opportunity to open an account for Spain within three minutes. But Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic’s close-range save denied Spain the lead. Only goalie in front when Coke ran in with a beautiful throughball delivered into the Pedri box. Coke’s close-range ground shot was blocked by the goalkeeper’s foot.


Spain were stunned in the 20th minute when they conceded an own goal from a stupid goal by Unais Simon. The goal was a lottery for Croatia, who had not made a single attempt to score. Pedri’s back pass aimed at Simon from his own half. There was no one near Simon who was standing inside the box. But Simon, who was trying to stop the ball lightly, missed. The goalie could only stare helplessly as the ball bounced off his feet and rolled into the net.


This goal really discouraged Spain. This was evident in their performance over the next 10 minutes. Croatia, on the other hand, jumped on the ball in the excitement of an unexpected fall lead. They had two chances in the space of two minutes. But lost both. Slowly recovering from the self-goal shock, Spain took the reins of the game.

Spain equalized in the 38th minute. Gaya’s shot from the left corner of the box is deflected by the goalkeeper. Rebound to Sarabia, who was unmarked just ahead. The goalie had to surrender when Sarabia got the ball into the net through a close range shot. It was also a goal Spain deserved in the match. Both teams lost 1-1 in the first half.


In the second half, Croatia adopted a more aggressive style. However, Spain had the upper hand. In the 57th minute, Spain took the lead for the first time. Defender Aspilikuta shook the net for Spain. All Aspilicuta had to do was point the way to the net through a cross close range header that measured across the Ferran Torres box from the left wing.

Torres scored Spain’s third goal in the 76th minute, making Croatia’s return difficult. Substitute Pow Torres’ long ball from his own half was caught by Torres outside the box as he ran through the right wing. Torres dribbled over Vardiol, who came to the rescue, but also deflected the ball into the back of the net with a low shot.


Croatia scored the second goal in the 85th minute. During a scuffle inside the box, Orsic’s shot from close range was blocked by Aspilikuta from inside the box. When it became clear that the ball had crossed the line, the referee allowed the goal. Croatia did not stop there. Croatia also drew level with a pass from Pasalich in injury time, shocking Spain into victory. Orsic’s beautiful cross from the left wing found the target through a Pasalich header that bounced between two Spanish defenders inside the box. With this, the match reached extra time.

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