Etihad Rail on fixed track | 30Jun2021

Abu Dhabi : Etihad Rail project crosses desert crossings at high speed on fast track Etihad Rail Chairman Sheikh Tayyib bin Mohammed bin Zayed personally reviewed the progress of the rail construction. The chairman was on hand to inspect the second phase of track construction connecting the two major emirates in the UAE. The test train traveled 10 km from the construction site of Saih Shuhaib to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In the second phase, with a range of 1,000 km, the largest project to integrate Saudi Arabia’s border with Guwahati with Fujairah is currently in progress.

The construction of the four lanes is progressing by constructing bridges and canals without disturbing the wildlife habitat and obstructing their movement. The route is expected to have 35 bridges and 15 tunnels. About 59 percent of the 139-kilometer road connecting Ruwais to Guwahati has been completed.

The first phase of the Etihad Rail from Habshan to Ruwais is now operational. The track is built using special technologies on desert sand. There are also plans to connect with Saudi Rail when the rail network in the UAE is completed. With this, the GCC There will be huge changes in the transport sector in the countries.